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Mamakiri Mulaudzi – National Project Coordinator

Gugulethu Tshabalala – Gauteng Provincial Coordinator

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18 Years and older
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Vaccine Information Network Rapid Assessment is a multiphase study which aims to evaluate the motivations for, and barriers to COVID-19 vaccination, and use this information to develop a communication strategy that can support vaccination efforts in South Africa.

Data will be conducted in four phases. Phase A will focus on collecting survey data from 1,000 COVID-19 vaccine recipients via one initial face-to-face and two subsequent phone surveys about COVID-19 vaccine motivations, barriers, and attitudes. Target population is adults ages 18 years and older receiving their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine through a public vaccination program in South Africa. This phase plans to recruit study participants from sites that are Covid-19 vaccination centers (public or private) receiving COVID-19 vaccines through the national program and distributing them to the public at no cost to the individual or at government stipulated reimbursement guidelines.

Phase B will focus on conducting qualitative research using 6 focus group discussions (per country) to understand positive motivations and potential barriers related to COVID-19 vaccination. Phase C in involve developing and testing messages using survey and qualitative data that amplify positive messages to drive increased vaccination uptake rates and support vaccination programs. Phase D will involve Dissemination of  information (data and confidence-building messages) to local, regional, national governments via workshops, who will use this information in their vaccination efforts.

The Vaccine Information Network (VIN) project fills a critical unmet need by providing the government and other stakeholders with crucial information to deliver effective campaigns to promote COVID-19 vaccines.


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